“Tara’s gentle, welcoming style makes classes a joy and never a slog.  Balance is a word used often in the yoga world and Tara strikes a unique balance of calmness, encouragement and gentle humour all of which serves to make us all work hard and feel the benefits without realising it.  Tara takes me miles away from the rest of the week, in a very good way.  And after I am left with a mix of calmness while feeling a little taller, straighter and ready to face the world.” – Gwyneth

“As a yoga instructor, Tara has brought a balance to my life. She has taught me how to take the time to be in tune with my body and mind from her in-depth knowledge of yoga and meditation. I’m always motivated by her in every class to try new poses and to push myself to be better. I never had time for yoga in my life before but now I always make time for yoga; I can’t imagine not doing it as as it benefits my life greatly. I’ve also noticed a reduction in my migraines as I’m a chronic sufferer and Tara’s yoga has taught me life skills that are priceless. Because her classes cater for various abilities and all ages this also showcases her versatility as a yoga instructor. The enthusiasm that she brings to her teaching and her outgoing personality is always infectious amongst us whenever we’re in her class.” – Amanda

“Tara’s classes are easy to follow and enjoy from day one. Her style is relaxed and this helps students to discover their own yoga practise. I’ve learned a lot from Tara and would invite everyone to try her hatha yoga classes.”

“I have been taking Tara’s yoga classes for over 3 years and really enjoy the way Tara blends the strength, flexibility and breathing in her classes. Always feel so much better after the class no matter how I felt before starting. Would highly recommend.” – Gail

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